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Congratulations! Winner of the Taiwan Innovation 2017

2018 - 03 - 08

    We are pleased to announce that NIKEN has won the 2017 Innovation Award -Silver - NK0705 High Efficient Auxiliary Driving Lamp.

     It is not only an encouragement for NIKEN’s innovation and investment, but also a power to keep continually research for innovation.

     NIKEN was established in 1976, pursue the idea “importance of quality”, to provide premium products. We have accumulated 40 years

    of OEM experience and reputation, and continuous investment in optical / mechanism / design and other personnel. Continuous innovation

    and development are to provide safer, brighter and more elegant lamps. The future, we will keep faith with "Build to be Bright ", to provide

    the best professional lighting design and manufacturing.

ampa創新獎狀設計(不放NK代碼版).jpg (2.75 MB)

    Welcome to visit 2017 Taipei AMPA Show at NIKEN booth No. N1320(Nan Gang exhibition center 4th Floor) & No. B0910 (Taipei World Trade

    Center 1th Floor) during April 19 ~ 22.


    “NIKEN” will display our excellent and New lamps. We look forward to your visiting.

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